Do Dogs Meditate?

One of the funniest movie series is the Buddies from Disney, starting with Air Buddies and through numerous adventures the Buddies have warmed their way into the hearts of young and old alike. Each Golden Retriever Puppy has its own character and one that is a character we can all perhaps relate to is Buddha Buddy.

Buddha Buddy is the thinking, meditating and even more careful of the pups and his poses and characteristics are found in many dogs. We have all seen it, that moment when a dog just sits and stares without moving.

That begged the question “do dogs meditate?”

A lot of the time dogs are active, they are bundles of fun loving energy but there are those times they stop and pause (or is it paws?) for thought.

Dogs we all know are intelligent and just like us humans has to figure things out from time to time. We have all seen the tenacious retriever desperately try and bring you a branch from a tree or something difficult around a gate or through a small gap in a hedge or fence. The dog tries to race through normally and then having failed, but still desperate to complete what he feels is his duty, he steps back and then pauses and thinks and assesses and then carries on successfully. That thinking is meditating.

But how often do you just look out of your window and see your dog sat quietly, bolt upright staring out at the world around him?

What is he thinking about? What can he hear? What can he smell?

Dogs Meditate

Dogs meditate. They are in many ways a superior being to their human master, I mean they have us wrapped around their little finger (do dogs have fingers?). But what do they meditate about?

Are they simply just meditating and being thankful for all they have. Are they meditating and in some way with some sixth sense communicating with other dogs in the neighbourhood or with some higher being?

The fact is we don’t really know. What we do know is that they take stock of all that is around them. Their senses of smell and hearing are much greater than those of a man and they therefore sense their surroundings in much more detail. Are they listening to us humans, talking and chattering or listening to the radio in the car passing by, their hearing goes so much further than ours. One thing we do know is that when they meditate they are focused but at the same time very aware of what it going on around them, they know from some distance that it is the master’s car coming home and in the meditative mode they can prepare to meet and greet.

To enable a dog to do what he must to, to be a dog he needs those moments of meditation. He needs to absorb all that is going on around him just so he can be. We never really sit to think that a dog is indeed a very intelligent animal, do they worry? Do they stress? We don’t really know, but the fact they sit and pause and meditate seems to indicate that dogs can perhaps teach us a thing or two about life and we must look up to their example and sit, pause and meditate.

This post was written by international author Matt Newnham

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