Five Things You Want to Understand About Your Dog but He Will Never Tell You!

There is a secret life of dogs, it’s a fact and just by reading this is proof alone that you are a believer in this secret life. Not only by reading this are you a believer in this secret life but you secretly want to know more about this life and perhaps you secretly want to be a dog. Here are just five things you secretly want to know about your dog, there is no chance you will know the reason or the why and there is even less of a chance your dog will tell you.

How do you know I am coming home?

This is one thing no doubt nearly all dog owners want an answer to. Your dog knows you or someone important in his life is coming home well before you know this person is near or before you yourself are anywhere near to getting home. How a dog knows that you are a good few minutes away is a mystery and it is something we all wish we could do. Imagine if you knew someone was five minutes away without them telling you? You would have advance warning for that last minute frantic tidy up, you would have time to make coffee and be prepared, and supper could be prepared with perfect timing. But you can’t do this and your dog is not going to tell you.

What’s with this bone burying and how do you know where you buried what?

This is another fascinating thing about dogs; they bury stuff, bones mainly, and at any given time they can recall the exact spot where it was buried even when the shrubs have grown back and nature has taken over. Somehow dogs are able to store the gps co-ordinates in their own in-built sat-nav and never lose anything they have buried unless losing the thing is the intention. How useful would this be? How often have you mislaid something or put something somewhere special for safekeeping and then cannot find it? Your dog knows how to put things in a place and always find it, but he is not going to tell you.

How do you know I need you?

You know that moment, that moment when you don’t want to speak to anyone, you feel so ill that human company is the last thing on your mind, right? How then does a dog worm his way into your heart and know just how to make you feel better? If your partner or loved one is in the place where the world is shut out you will get snapped at or totally ignored if you try to help, but your dog goes into that place where even angels fear to tread and somehow delivers exactly what is needed. How? Life would be so much easier and the “how can I help?” question wouldn’t even need asking because you would just know. Your dog knows how but there is not chance you are going to be told.

Why are you always happy?

Only when a dog is unwell, and very unwell, does the smile of a dog and his wagging tail ever go away. No matter what is going on, even when tired, a dog is happy. Nothing seems to discourage a dog, he will only ever see the positive in things and he will never give up on something or someone. Willpower and happiness are a dog personified, it’s something us mere humans hunger and search for daily and even devote our lifetime to finding. Dogs don’t need life coaches, psychologists and other experts or even medication to find happiness they just have it and it overflows. Men all over the world joke at a dog’s life, but actually they are truly jealous because deep down men want the natural happiness in life that dogs just have. Studying dogs can help you understand the happiness but for sure he is never going to tell you the secret to this happiness.

Why the sniffing of private parts?

Perhaps the most perplexing and even disgusting of all the secrets of dogkind is the sniffing of backsides. There are few reasons why a man would want to do this and whilst it is not the most appealing of things in dogs it is a secret all dog owners and even non-dog owners would love an answer to. It is a form of communication and part of mating that is about all we know, to humans it has no real visible use or potential but it is the most visible of all dog secrets and has mankind asking why?

Understanding Dogs

Your dog would happily answer all the secrets above and tell you why as soon as you sit down with him and talk. But your dog would know you would never understand, he would lie back and just laugh and then never tell you because a dog, as we know is far more intelligent than a man.

This post was written by international author Matt Newnham

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