A Dog’s Life… Live like a Dog

Everyone strives for a better life and an improved standard of living; we all work harder for an extra dollar often doing a job we don’t like doing just to spend the money to make us happy. It doesn’t make a lot of sense does it really?

A Dogs Life

The saying “A Dogs Life” actually isn’t that far wrong from our ideal, we always look back and grumble saying it’s a Dog’s life and then we carry on doing what we are doing. Looking down at the mutt sleeping at our feet, or lying under the tree or playing with other dogs and we just carry on believing we must. In reality we are actually jealous of the dog, extremely envious if we are truly honest and wish secretly we had the life a dog has and who says you can’t have that life?

Yes the dog has a master to look after it and to a degree the domesticated dog does have a truly special life and that is perhaps what we are envious of, the life where not finger needs to be lifted. But look closer at the dog, consider the dog in an undomesticated situation and wild in its pack and then you will see the life you dream of with no finger being lifted to have what you want thanks to a permanent servant is very much how things always have been for a dog because he accepts his life and is satisfied in just being alive.

The Ideal Life

You see, a dog has the ideal life for man because of how he thinks but instead we chase dollars and want something better all the time, never truly satisfied. The dog chases or desires very little and has the one thing a human so rarely finds in life and is always chasing, a dog has contentment. Dogs have what they need, they want things too yes but they are essentially happy with what they have because they know that point of enough. Dogs want and appreciate the basics, Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs applies equally to a dog as to a human and a dog perhaps understand the basics of this principle better than anyone human and needs little motivation to remain happy, warm dry, and with food and water and this content finding the perfect life in lower parts of the famous pyramid.

Perfect Balance

Dogs accept and appreciate in perfect balance; surely that is what man wants? When the weather turns nasty they have a natural coat that keeps them warm and dry, they don’t need to head to the nearest outdoor clothing store and buy whatever jacket they can afford they accept what they have and appreciate it won’t last forever and if it does the dog adapts and evolves just look at the Husky. When they are thirsty they drink, and whether water is placed out for them or not they will find the liquid they need – unless neglected.

No Money, No Problems

Dogs don’t chase money, and whilst dogs don’t chase dreams they still have them and have lived them with perhaps only the alpha male has chasing a dream of being number one, and because of this they find contentment and know that perfect space. The master of the dog is very much just accepted by the dog we the human are the fools not them and even cats may agree. Dogs will survive and still have wagging tails and wet noses if they are not fed, well within reason leaving a dog and neglecting is not what is being suggested here but very much if left in the wild the dog would do pretty well and be just as happy and adapt. The domesticated dog has the life of luxury but he doesn’t really know he is a pampered pooch, he accepts the status quo, finds happiness in the situation and lives and wags his tail in the moment. The dog just content, unstressed, relaxed and just naturally doing what a dog does best and that is being a dog!

No Care in the World

Dogs really don’t have a care in the world, they clearly look up at their human masters and ask “really?” as they are pampered, fed, loved and even worked and smile in their contentment in their world. Life as a dog, whether in the wild or the domesticated world is a life we all can learn from and if really considered is a life we can adopt in full or in part and be happy or happier just as soon as we accept what we have, make do with and are thankful for it all – the look in your dog’s eyes when you give him what he needs says it all… Contentment!

Again mankind comes second to the intelligence of dogkind!

This post was written by international author Matt Newnham


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