Does your dog need a vacation?

We, that is us humans, have them so why can’t the more intelligent being have them? Why can’t a dog have a vacation?

Dogs Work Hard

Dog’s work harder than the humans, they never stop and that, they believe, is the very reason they have a master to look after them. Just like a hard working rock star or sports star who has his every need met and pampered to your dog gets the same because he works so hard and deserves it, the superior intellect has won man over!

Seven days a week, nights too dogs work for their master; making sure he is occupied by giving him exercise by dropping a tennis ball at his feet, taking him around the neighbourhood to be sociable, digging important breathing holes in the garden and top of the list guarding and securing. It really is a tough life for a dog. The life of a human is so easy, he gets transported away five days a week or more not having to walk, either being driven with other masters and mistresses or simply sitting in front of a big clear window and steering leaving the dog in peace to ensure his happiness, what he does when he is away all day is anyone’s guess but who cares as long as he comes back when the dog is hungry and only has his human meal after the dog has had his meal and has been shown some love and respect, after all the dog has had a tough day.

Dogs Duties

The human gets back to the dogs home and then just vegetates in a chair, snoozes and then sleeps in blissful comfort eyes fully closed while the dog sleeps with one eye open continues to work, the dog fully believes that masters are like good pets and just need plenty of rest. All day long the dog has secured and protected the home, made sure the garden has holes in the right place with well-presented plants and shrubs delicately placed with their beautiful roots displayed knowing this will keep the human occupied and out of mischief when they get put back into the garden. All day the dog has barked at strangers delivering paper parcels, taking away canisters of trash the messy humans create and at noisy kids disturbing the peace as they pass the front gate, a dog is working for crying out loud don’t kids know dogs need some quiet to work well? It is a never ending working life for a dog, the humans have it so easy but the dog always loves them because he really actually cares knowing they are so less fortunate than him.

Dogs Dedication

Busy, busy, busy! A dog’s life! Dogs are so dedicated to their duty that a vacation is very much needed, all this looking after the house, keeping an eye on the master and his friends and rearranging the garden is demanding but a vacation rarely comes his way. What a dog would give to be sat by the pool being fed morsels of prime steak by a sexy, well groomed poodle or for the girls sat on a sun lounger watching a handsome Rottie flex his muscles. But this remains a dream, nothing more than a dream and it never happens.

Dogs Dream

But all dogs have a dream… One day, just one day a dream will come true… and of course all dreams come true and perhaps the master can be persuaded to join his dog on a vacation doing what dogs love and perhaps spending some time getting to know each other… yes dreams can come true…

This post was written by international author Matt Newnham


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