Does Your Dog need a Weather Forecast?

How the Weather Affects Us

As I woke up this morning I switched on my radio, the first thing that came up was the weather forecast. Now, in South Africa, especially Cape Town the weather is a vital part about planning your day and in Cape Town you can have, and often do have all four seasons in one day. No rain was forecast, none, and as I look out of the window now all I can see is the beautiful blue Cape Town sky. But it rained; yes, it rained just at that moment I stepped out of the car to draw some cash on my way to dropping my son at school. I thought to myself “What is the point of listening to a weather forecast?” I smiled and then thought “Does a dog need a weather forecast?”

Us humans are very much ruled by the weather, bad weather can cause traffic chaos, delay trains and cancel flights and being aware of what the weather could do plays an important part in our lives. The weather dictates what we wear, what we do, where we go and even to a degree what we eat. Does the weather or weather forecast rule a dog?

Weather Attire

Dogs luckily don’t have to worry about what to wear and the weather doesn’t play large role in their life, their human masters; however, do let the weather decide what their pooch must wear. Whole wardrobes of outfits with seasonal attire are now available for dogs, but it’s not the dog who decides it is the human and the dog, who of course has a perfect natural outfit for any weather merely has to accept his fate… and oh dear for some it really is a fate worse than death.


The weather forecast can dictate the mood of a person and a dog too, not that a dog needs a weather forecast for this. The human will listen to the forecast for tomorrow and either sink into a depression for bad weather or smile and sing when good weather is forecast. The dog doesn’t give a damn, whatever weather comes is the weather that comes and only when that weather comes will he choose to either be sleepy and not happy as the rain pours down outside, alert on a beautiful day or a little grumpy because it is too hot. Of course the human in the equation impacts how the dog feels about the weather; he perhaps will not get such a long run if it is raining although it is much cooler and more fun for the dog, the owner may decide to walk a great distance in the sunshine and heat but the dog just wants to naturally slow down and conserve energy, in truth Dogs are far more intelligent than humans when it comes to doing weather.


The weather forecast does not change what the dog will eat, the human will stock up on cold sodas and ice-cream for predicted warm weather and the grocery stores will run out of the items needed for a hearty stew upon cold wintery weather predicted. Yes the dog may get a sample of the stew if he sits and begs long enough but generally his diet will remain the same, he may hear and perhaps understand the weather forecast but his taste buds one relish the food associated with the weather as he knows he will have his pellets and water and if lucky a can of meat. The weather forecast doesn’t affect the dog.

Life for a dog cannot be and is not planned around the weather forecast, the human revolves around the weather forecast and this revolution does impact the life of the dog. So whilst a dog doesn’t need a weather forecast he does need to listen because whatever the weather man says will affect the behaviour of the less intelligent animal and the dog out of pure kindness will just do has he must.

Does Your Dog Need a Weather Forecast?

In answer to the question “does your dog need a weather forecast?” The answer is yes, but only because he needs to understand what his pet human will do.

This post may be fun but there are some serious points to consider. Warmer weather is heading to the Northern Hemisphere and this is felt by dogs, it is essential as the days get warmer to consider your dog and perhaps provide a little more water than normal and if necessary consider the shaggy coat and have it trimmed to keep the animal cool. The seasons and the weather are felt by your dog as much as they are you so consider your dog and how the weather is affecting him.

This post was written by international author Matt Newnham

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