November 20, 2015 Agenda – Getting ready for another Tour near Frostbug MD.

WooFDriver Dream

Part of the WoofDriver dream is to get as many to participate in this project as possible. For many of my larger events I get what I like to call my Pit Crew together, which consists of some of the key people who help me live this Dream daily, including many of my friends, family and others.


This week one of the main guys, ShawMan, is coming up from South Carolina, to join me on for a WooFDriver Tour and to help me with some other new WooFDriver projects. We try to get together once every 3 months or so. He is an IT expert as well as video and audio engineer. He has taught me a lot of what I know now. Every time I want to do something technologically based I call him and we figure out a system.
For example, he helped me implement a system to film the Midnight MUSHIng Runs we do with the IR cameras and assemble the proper equipment to make these runs possible. In addition we always have to monitor and of course sometimes expand my file management system for all the media we create. This media includes my pictures, videos, music, etc.. and because we are working in high resolutions these files can be huge. He is in this week to check out the media managemant, do some website work, and also get the DogGeo website up and running.


The DogGeo project is inspired by the popular scavenger hunt based game GeoCaching. This fun and exciting game can take you to amazing and beautiful places, with a couple really cool bonuses, it is something that both you and your dog can enjoy, PLUS if you are the first one to find the hidden treasure you will be rewarded with an actual treasure. Prizes can range from $25.00 to $500.00 Amazon Gift Cards as well as flat screen TVs, doggie goodies, and any other thing we can dream up!

DogGeo is really AWESOME!! It is probably one of my most favorite new parts of the WoofDriver project! Again all about getting people involved in adventuring worthier Dogs! It is essentially my way to invite people to adventure with their dog and make it bit of a game and a bit of a reward with the bonus of the excitement of the discovery. I’m hoping to inspire people everywhere to get out there and do that.
It is not required to have a dog, it’s a heck of allot more fun if you do have one because you can share the thrill of the hunt with him or her too. If you don’t have a dog already this is a great reason to get one. We hope to put treasures all throughout the US in dog friendly locations that are not to tedious to get too and are safe for you and your dog but are still fun and beautiful. For more information on the locations of the DogCaches visit us at check out

Behind the Scenes of WooFDriver Tours

n the meanwhile, tomorrow is going to be the exciting day, we have another WooFDriver Tour. For this WooFDriver Tour we are going to get most of the crew together which means about 6 of us. We will try to go to an area called Frostburg MD which is part of the Appalachians mountains range in MD. There we will be flying the drones, AirWOOF One and AirWOOF Two. The drones help us get some really neat panoramic shots of the area as well as video of the dogs MUSHING along with the bike.

We will also be wearing cameras to help you see what it’s like behind the scenes and help you feel like you are part of the action, just like you would if it was a reality based TV show. Plus, you will be able to see what I’ve been talking about in my previous posts for my videos. It will allow you to get up close and personal with the assembly of the whole production as essentially you’ll be riding shotgun with the WooFDriver!

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