Map of All the Places We Have Been


Wyoming-Minisink Path 41°22'1.25"N 75° 4'12.33"W
Shenandoah Valley 38°36'12.05"N 78° 2'43.50"W
Accotink Creek Trail 38°43'52.32"N 77°11'11.13"W
Cape Cod Rail Trail 42° 1'6.37"N 71° 0'41.95"W
Erie Canal 42°53'59.19"N 74°18'7.39"W
Wehrum Ghost Town Trail 40° 9'42.48"N 77°21'37.50"W
Enola Low Grade Trail 39°55'42.96"N 76°13'27.89"W
Henry Hudson Trail 40°26'30.62"N 74°10'15.14"W
NCR Trail 39°28'11.46"N 76°37'47.92"W
Mount Vernon Trail 38°47'34.35"N 77° 2'55.77"W
Assateague Island, Maryland 38°14'57.62"N 75° 9'20.61"W
Deckers Creek Trail 39°34'33.65"N 79°51'36.83"W
Pine Creek Rail Trail 41°31'21.63"N 77°25'39.54"W
Lebanon Valley Rail Trail 40°15'24.85"N 76°28'3.34"W
Fair Hill NRMA 39°42'24.50"N 75°51'19.46"W
Capital Area Greenbelt Trail 40°16'57.58"N 76°52'19.72"W
Schuylkill River Trail 40°16'28.19"N 75°49'44.26"W
Kent Island 38°56'14.42"N 76°19'44.38"W
Ironton Rail Trail 40°39'53.54"N 75°30'36.56"W
Heritage Trail 41°21'54.88"N 74°16'25.21"W
The Lower Trail in Blair, Pennsylvania 40°31'15.68"N 78°10'17.04"W
Atlantic County Bikeway 39°25'25.16"N 74°37'50.15"W
Washington & Old Dominion Trail 38°59'23.00"N 77°24'35.99"W
Perkiomen Trail 40°14'7.80"N 75°27'15.59"W
Lovers Leap Maryland 39°39'58.39"N 78°46'39.80"W
SwitchBack Trail 40°50'49.58"N 75°47'43.79"W
Blue Marsh Lake 40°23'4.04"N 76° 2'15.81"W
Hemlock and Upper Bucks Ridge Roads 40°25'49.64"N 75°14'3.79"W
Columbia Trail NJ 40°44'31.73"N 74°49'23.89"W
McDade Trail 41° 1'52.02"N 75° 2'48.35"W
Laurel Mountain 40°12'38.85"N 79°11'6.66"W
Swatara Trail 40°29'19.39"N 76°32'24.59"W
Western Maryland Rail Trail 39°40'59.05"N 78°12'1.99"W
Stony Valley Railroad Grade 40°30'5.62"N 76°34'58.64"W
Cumberland Valley Rail Trail 40° 9'39.59"N 77°25'13.86"W
Trout Run 41°23'8.68"N 77° 3'18.72"W
Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike 40° 2'50.58"N 78° 9'12.75"W
Appalachian Trail 40°28'42.61"N 76°32'24.29"W
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 40°26'26.19"N 79°59'45.14"W
Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania 39°52'17.76"N 79°29'30.97"W
Confluence, Pennsylvania 39°48'46.28"N 79°21'24.13"W
Rockwood, Pennsylvania - WoofDriver Inspired 39°54'56.27"N 79° 9'8.10"W
Frostburg, Maryland - WoofDriver Inspired 39°39'29.32"N 78°55'42.05"W
Delaware & Lehigh Trail - WoofDriver Inspired 40° 7'54.70"N 74°49'55.10"W
Cumberland - WoofDriver Inspired 39°39'10.31"N 78°45'45.05"W
OldTown - WoofDriver Inspired 39°32'30.06"N 78°36'41.35"W
Paw Paw - WoofDriver Inspired 39°31'55.34
Devil's Alley 39°37'21.72"N 78°24'48.23"W
Little Orleans 39°37'33.33"N 78°23'11.04"W
Hancock, Maryland - WoofDriver Inspired 39°41'56.18"N 78°10'46.69"W
Big Pool - WoofDriver Inspired 39°37'25.53"N 78° 0'58.65"W
Fort Frederick - WoofDriver Inspired 39°36'48.68"N 78°0'22.46"W
Dam Number Five 39°37'4.61"N 77°54'5.04"W
Falling Waters - WoofDriver Inspired 39°33'34.36"N 77°53'26.30"W
Big SlackWater - WoofDriver Inspired 39°30'2.61
Taylors Landing - WoofDriver Inspired 39°29'56.24"N 77°46'3.90"W
Shepherdstown, WV - WoofDriver Inspired 39°25'48.36
Lock 33 - WoofDriver Inspired 39°19'29.36"N 77°43'36.97"W
Harpers Ferry - WoofDriver Inspired 39°19'31.36
Monocacy Aqueduct - WoofDriver Inspired 39°13'27.59
Point of Rocks - WoofDriver Inspired 39°16'33.23
White Ferry - WoofDriver Inspired 39° 9'16.54"N 77°31'9.23"W
Edwards Ferry - WoofDriver Inspired 39° 6'48.74
Violettes Lock - Woofdriver Inspired 39° 4'1.39
C&O Canal National Historic Park - WoofDriver Inspired 39° 0'0.94
Great Allegheny Passage - WoofDriver Inspired Great Allegheny Passage, Cumberland, MD, United States
South Trail Ride Kent Island, Maryland – Ron Tankersly & Devin Breighthaupt Kent Island, 4, Kent Island, Maryland, United States
Schuylkill River Trail Ride Philadelphia Pennsylvania – Joel David Schuylkill River Trail - Philadelphia to Valley Forge, Philadelphia, PA, United States
NCR Trail New Freedom Pennsylvania Ride – Mike Moniodis New Freedom, Pennsylvania, United States
Lebanon Valley Rail-Trail Pennsylvania Ride – Brian Farley Lebanon Valley Rail-Trail, Lebanon, PA, United States
C&O Canal Great Falls Maryland Ride – Keith Thompson Great Falls Road, Rockville, Maryland, United States
BWI Airport Trail Linthicum Maryland Ride – Gina DeLuca Linthicum, Maryland, United States
C&O Canal White’s Ferry Maryland Ride – Patty Reese White's Ferry, 3, Maryland, United States
Cross Trail – Kent Island Maryland Ride Mark Scott Kent Island, 4, Kent Island, Maryland, United States
Shenandoah Virginia Country Road Ride – Billy “T” Wilde Country Club Road, Front Royal, Shenandoah, VA, United States
NCR Trail Concert Ride MD/PA – Rebecca Gold & Keith Engle New Freedom, PA, United States
Cross Island Trail, Kent Island, Maryland Kent Island, Cross Island Trail, Chester, Maryland, United States
Fort Frederick Trail, Western Maryland 11100 Fort Frederick Rd Big Pool, MD 21711
Lebanon Valley Rail-Trail Pennsylvania Lebanon Valley Rail-Trail, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States
The Capital Area Greenbelt Rail-Trail Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 2133 Market St # 222 Camp Hill, PA 17011
Ironton Rail-Trail, Allentown, Pennsylvania Ironton Rail-Trail, Whitehall, PA, United States
Lehigh Valley Rail-Trail Lehigh Pennsylvania Weatherly, PA 18255, United States
New Freedom Pennsylvania, Heritage Rail Trail Heritage Rail Trail County Park, New Freedom, Pennsylvania, United States
Great Allegheny Passage, Frostburg, Maryland Great Allegheny Passage, Frostburg, Maryland, United States
Perkiomen Trail, Montgomery Pennsylvania, Perkiomen Trail, Green Lane, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, United States
The Schuylkill River Trail Near Philadelphia Pennsylvania Schuylkill River Trail, Reading, PA, United States
Atlantic County Bikeway Near Atlantic City In New Jersey 109 NJ-50, Mays Landing, NJ 08330, United States
Washington & Old Dominion Trail Ashburn Virginia Washington and Old Dominion Trail, Ashburn, Virginia, United States
The Lower Trail, Blair Pennsylvania 812 Sage Hill Dr Williamsburg, PA 16693
The C&O Canal Towpath Oldtown Maryland Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath, Oldtown, MD 21555, United States
Pine Creek Rail Trail, (The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon) Blackwell, Pennsylvania 130 Wilson Rd, Wellsboro, PA 16901, United States
Deckers Creek Trail, Morgantown West Virginia Deckers Creek Trail, Morgantown, West Virginia, United States
Fair Hill NRMA Cecil County Maryland 300 Tawes Dr, Elkton, MD 21921, United States
C&O Canal Hancock Maryland Maryland 11710 MacArthur Blvd, Potomac, MD 20854, United States
C&O Canal Towpath Paw Paw West Virginia Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath, Oldtown, MD 21555, United States
C&O Canal Little Orleans Maryland Little Orleans, MD, United States
C&O Canal Harpers Ferry West Virginia Lock 38, Sharpsburg, MD, United States
C&O Canal OldTown (Outdoor Club) Maryland Cumberland, Outdoor Club Road, Oldtown, MD, United States
The Mount Vernon Trail Washington DC 38.710008N 77.061351W
The National Mall Washington DC 38°53′24″N 77°1′25″W
C&O Canal Point Of Rocks Maryland Point of Rocks, Maryland, United States
The Great Allegheny Passage, Confluence PA The Great Allegheny Passage, Confluence PA
Violettes Lock Maryland Violettes Lock, Potomac, Maryland
Georgetown Washington DC Georgetown, Washington, D.C., DC, United States
Assateague Island Ocean City Maryland 7206 National Seashore Lane, Berlin, MD, United States
NCR Trail Papermill Road, Reading, PA, United States
C&O Canal Harpers Ferry Virginia Harpers Ferry, WV, United States
Monocacy Aqueduct Maryland Monocacy Aqueduct Boat Ramp Dickerson, MD 20842
Devils Alley 39°37'21.69"N 78°24'48.23"W
C&O Falling Waters Falling Waters Road, Williamsport, MD
C&O Canal Near Fort Frederick Maryland Fort Frederick Road, Big Pool, MD, United States
The WILDMAN On The C&O 1850 Dual Hwy #100, Hagerstown, MD 21740
Edwards Ferry Edwards Ferry Road Northeast, Leesburg, VA
Great Falls Tavern great falls tavern
The Gap Trail Rockwood, PA, United States
The GAP Trail Confluence, PA, United States
Town & Country Ride on the GAP Trail Ohiopyle, PA, United States
Big Slackwater C&O Canal Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park
Point of Rocks Point of Rocks, MD, United States
Monocacy Aqueduct Monocacy Aqueduct Boat Ramp, Dickerson, MD
Big Slackwater C&O Canal 38°53′59″N 77°03′28″W
Pittsburgh Neighborhood Pittsburgh, PA, United States
C&O Canal The END Cumberland Maryland 39.64977, -78.76357
Whispering Spruce Trail 38.69976°N 79.53299°W
Mount Savage Windmills 39°53′11″N 78°44′10″W
Eastern Continental Divide 39°43′21″N 78°54′51″W
Big Savage Tunnel 39°44′27″N 78°53′37″W

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