Whispering Spruce Trail

WoofDriver On Tour Adventure Series – Whispering Spruce Trail

Top of the Mountain!

Our journey started bright and early 2:00 A.M. Monday morning on November 15, 2015. We like to leave early enough to catch the beautiful sunrise as it emerges over the Appalachian Mountains. Our destination took us over 200 miles away from our home base, to the highest point of the West Virginia mountains, The Whispering Spruce Trail.

My loyal crew, Rhett my co-pilot, ChrisP my coordinator and I began our 23 hour long journey at the Spruce Knob observation tower that sits at the top of the Knob. This was a great opportunity to take advantage of the open air and fly our Air Force 1 drone, over the tree tops and through the valley.

By this time the dogs were getting anxious and ready to get MUSHing. Because there were no MUSHing worthy trails close by, I decided to run them down the side of the mountain on the road as there was limited traffic and ChrisP and Rhett could follow me in the truck as an extra safety precaution. The WooFPAK was amped up and running a good pace of 7.75 miles per hour for a quick 5 mile stint!

AWESOME Views Surrounded Us
AWESOME Views Surrounded Us

We were rolling fast until the dogs quickly realized we were not alone. Tucked up near the trees where our mere human sight would never be able to spot it they had discovered a squally looking possum. While we stopped to marvel at the interesting creature, the dogs were of course very excited by him and I had  to get back on the road to keep their energy flowing.

Our next stop was this cool overlook, there we got to take in more of this incredible beauty that nature has to offer. Though the fall foliage is gone we could still enjoy the stunning beech, birch, maple and cherry trees that cover the lower level of the forest.

The way down the mountain was a pretty solid ride. I didn’t have to use the motor on the Dog cart, the big wear and tear was on the brakes slowing us down. After a while Princess started to tire, and the rest of the WooFPAK had burned enough energy off so we decided this was a good  time to take a little siesta. We headed to see the Blackwater Falls which is a most AWESOME waterfalls as the dogs rested up and recharged their batteries to get ready for a little Midnight MUSHing!

Blackwater Falls
Blackwater Falls

Around 6 P.M. the dogs let us know that their cat nap was over and they were ready to run. At this point we were about two hours from the Antietam Creek area along the C&O Canal Trail, a famous historic site for the Battle of Antietam during the American Revolution. It can be a bit spooky at night to run this area but of course the Dogs don’t scare to easily!! We did an additional 9 mile run here, and the dogs, like on our run earlier, were rolling at a great pace. We returned home at roughly 1 A.M. to complete our amazing tour of the West Virginia Mountains.

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