Haunted Trails and Scary Stories

As an addition to our Midnight Mushing series, we want to do some stories that will be a little on the SPOOKY side! We will be telling the ghosts stories that surround the areas we run on a regular basis.

Haunted Locations

As many of the areas have different types of scary campfire stories associated with them, we want our readers to share in with the fun and the HORROR. For example, some of the monsters we might encounter include, the Jersey Devil, who is a legendary monster that lives in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey. The beast is believed to be a cross between several different animals. It has of the legs of a kangaroo, the head of a goat, the wings of a bat, horns, claws for hands, hooves for feet, and a forked tail. There’s also been talk of a Lock Ness type monster that lurks in the Chesapeake Bay called Chessy.

There are also many ghosts that might be on the trails as many Civil War ghost stories are associated with areas that we travel through. For instance, the battle of Antietam Creek was said to be the bloodiest battle in the Civil War and in American history as the creek ran red with blood.

Not only is there specific locations that are said to be haunted, but there’s also monsters and ghosts that haunt the trails that we follow. In our next Midnight Mushing series we plan to track down these monsters and the other said ‘paranormal activities’ we can find along the trail.

Ghost Spotting Equipment

Usually, on our Midnight Mushing excursions we take the infrared lights  and night-vision goggles, but when were in pursuit of paranormal activity we will also be using the thermal imaging cameras. These cameras are meant to identify any source of heat that could be on the trail. Of course, this could be an animal of any kind, but it could also expose paranormal activity that can’t be seen by the naked human eye.

Many times, in the past we’ve explored different places that were said to be haunted; sometimes these are areas, or they can be what remains of previous structures, if we’re lucky the entire structure is still standing. In the past, when we have time, we will try to explore what’s in these structures and it’s always really interesting to see what you may find.

One escapade in particular that comes to mind, is when we visited the Columbia Trail in New Jersey. We ran into a real haunted type house (structure) along the way. I believe the house is said to have regular spiritual readers that come and visit due to its haunted popularity. This was a bit creepy….

We are hoping this series will help people’s imagination’s run wild with everything out there that’s among us; regardless, if we can see it or not. We also want to give people insight to the many ghost stories that are along the trails we visit today.

So stay tuned, we hope you are as excited as we are to follow along on our spooky escapades!!!

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