Activities for Dogs When We Can’t Get On The Trail

Activities for Dogs on Holidays and Weekends

When it comes to running the dogs around the holidays, I try to avoid the trails and other busy places. The trails can get super busy with more people, families sightseeing, and other members of the community just looking to get out as they have the day off. This trail congestion makes it harder for the dogs and I to focus on running. Even the private places that I go the owners of the property are usually spending time with their families and I don’t like to disturb them.

When it comes to the dog bikes/carts the more populated a trail is the harder it is for me to get around. Since most of my dog bikes/carts are fairly wide, I don’t want to inconvenience other trail users by them having to yield to me so I try to go around them whenever possible. Generally, the trails we run are designed for regular bicycles and while we can still fit on them comfortably in the dog cart but of course when the dogs are attached we become wider and it becomes a bit challenging to pass others. For almost every trail, the Forest Service uses Gates or some other method to prevent four wheelers or other motor vehicles from gaining access to the trails. My bikes are built to spec, in order to be able to go through these gates as the gates are usually a minimum of 36 inches wide.  Of course, with the dogs as I said, the bikes are wider, in order to get through some gates I have to take the dogs off the bike. Depending on the trail this can be a bit of a procedure for us.

Regardless, of the challenges we sometimes face using the bike to run the dogs, we always like to be respectful to other trail users as well as the Forest Service. Many times if there is a grass shoulder on the trail I make every effort to use it in order to go around people that are biking, hiking or just enjoying the trail in general. If the trails really busy this can become a real challenge for us as well, but with many years of practice the dogs and I have become experts at trail navigation.

WooFPark (click here to see the WooFPark)

Because the holidays and most weekends are a time that we don’t get out to go run, the WOOFPak still needs a place to burn energy. This is why I have created the WOOFPark. This area gives the WOOFPak a chance to play, and burn some of that energy as it is a dog playground that is filled with many dog fun things that you would usually find in a regular dog park. For example, there’s a dog kind of seesaw that the WOOFPak can play on, a tunnel like cave to run through and hide, a dog digging sandbox as well as other activities and items that they can interact with and have a good time.

This way, when we’re home, they have an area where they can be dogs. They can do all their important dog things like play with each other, play with toys, and just do what dogs like to do.

Activities for Dogs With Poor Weather Conditions

We all know that sometimes we can run into situations beyond our control that can prevent us from going outside, such as severe weather conditions. In my area, we get an occasional blizzard and other weather related events that will keep us at home for an extended period of time. For these situations, I have customized a treadmill (click here to see the treadmill) that I use to run/walk the dogs. I’ve also had fabricated a custom built device I like to call the WOOFWheel, this is a wheel similar to what mushers use in Alaska for their dogs when at home. The wheel looks like a big hamster wheel that the dogs can run on, to air it out when we are at home! Click here to see the WooFWheel!

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