How My Cat Lost His Eye

By Julie Antonson

Pirate Cat

One of my cats lost his eye a few years ago so any time someone asks me what happened I recount the boring story of what I believe to have transpired. It’s still mostly a mystery to me, but I think I have it figured out.

I always thought it would be fun though to have an alternate, totally off the wall random story to tell people first just to see if they would believe it.

Like, maybe he had ear mites and that led to him developing an ear infection. Then he managed, through the process of cleaning himself, to spread the infection to his eye. So, his eye was swollen shut and he only had the use of one.  He then wandered outside and by some Angry Pigeonmiracle ran across a mouse, which he chased into the shed. As he was digging in a random storage box that the mouse had buried its way into, he set off an old jack-in-the-box toy. The bouncing clown startled him, which caused him to jump two feet out of the box. This glorious leap scared a mamma pigeon who was just trying to protect her precious eggs. She was scared and angry so she chased him out of the shed pecking at him the whole way. Then he ran into a barbed wire fence, which he couldn’t see because one of his eyes was swollen shut and that’s how my cat lost his eye.

But really, I suppose anything could have happened. The truth is, I woke up one morning and my cats eye was gray and it was oozing a whitish fluid from what appeared to be a hole in his eyeball. So naturally, I panicked and called the vet who made me wait several agonising hours before I could bring him in. The Veterinarian confirmed that indeed there was a hole in his eye that looked like some kind of puncture. I was given the option of putting him down or removing his eye. So, of course I opted for removing his eye.

The adjustment was sad yet comical. I was horrified that he had to lose one of his beautiful big blue eyes, but somehow watching him undercompensate and run into doorways while purring and still being 100% him in the process made me understand that an eye is just an eye. The personality underneath is what we fall in love with.

I truly don’t even see it anymore. I once was describing my cats to someone and I didn’t even say anything about him lacking an eye. It didn’t even occur to me. Then someone else mentioned that he was my one eyed cat and it surprised me that I had actually forgotten.

To me, he is whole.


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