November 25 – The Big Farm – Be Prepared

On Wednesday we went to The Big Farm where the dogs have over 400 acres to Free-Range.

Fox Traps

This time of year it’s very common for farmers and other property owners to set traps for animals that bother their livestock or crops. The farmer that owns The Big Farm has been having a problem with Fox’s, they’ve been pestering his cattle.

Since the acreage is so large he doesn’t set the traps himself, he hires an outside company to do it. The problem that this generates for me is that he doesn’t always exactly know where the fox traps are set. So I always have to be on the lookout, for anything that could resemble a trap. This iOS a good recommendation for all regardless of where you are people do set traps to remove wild animals sometimes so always take caution and be prepared. The last thing anyone wants is for a dog to run into one of these traps. I always travel with a knife and other accessories that would help us get out of these sticky situations.

Since I am a bit more careful in this particular area I was on the lookout and I spotted something peculiar. In the distance there was something red that resembled blood. I wanted to be careful that it wasn’t bait for one of these traps or that it was something that could distract or injure the dogs. So for situations like this how I handle it is, that I immediately jump off my ATV and call the dogs over to me and place them in a down position we call Plotz. Generally, the Plotz position means the dogs will be laying with their stomach touching the ground but there still  alert as they’re waiting for another command to be released. I will leave them in this position until I can thoroughly go inspect whatever it is.

Dead Animals

Unfortunately for me, when I went to go check this out what I found what looked like a stillborn baby deer or maybe even a cow. It was a little disturbing so I didn’t stay and check it out for a long period of time. However, it’s times like that the kind of training I do is imperative for the activities we venture on.

Of course the Dogs would love to go check something like this out, so I  had to be careful on how I handled them. I proceeded to do a controlled release from the Plotz position and walk them around the baby deer/cow and than put them in another Plotz position as I than went back to get the ATV. I think this incident serves as a good reminder of my favorite most useful saying to always expect the unexpected, because you never know exactly what you can run into and always be prepared for anything that could happen.

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