Spa Day- Dog Grooming Tips

I believe that grooming your dog on a regular basis is essential. For me, once a month I have a dog groomer that comes to the house monthly.  Grooming can be a bit stressful for dogs in general and traveling to a grooming establishment can further the stress of the groom because of other pets there, a probable need to be crated there, and of course unfamiliar surroundings. This is why it’s more convenient and dog friendly for me to have a dog groomer that comes to our house.

Wooly Huskies Fur Type

My dogs are a particular breed of Husky called a Wooly Husky meaning long and usually thick hair.  This Wooly Husky’s type of fur can actually be a hindrance because of it’s long length, as it will collect most anything that it comes across including water, snow, ice, and especially dirt. The more their fur collects this type of material the more uncomfortable they can become.

This is why when I run the dogs, I have to be careful on where I take them. Depending on the temperatures and If there’s moisture in the air, their fur is more inclined to freeze up and create icicles throughout their coat. Of course, these dogs are made for Arctic temperatures, but in the wild the Wooly Hair is less likely to occur because it is a deficit for weathering tougher conditions. I personally have never seen signs of them being particularly being cold, but I always want to be cautious and prepared just in case.

When it comes to the coat of a regular Husky, they have much more waterproof fur. This means that the water rarely penetrates or collects on their fur, but with a wooly Husky this isn’t the case, so I always take extra precaution to make sure whatever condition we come into that I am aware of the potential hazards and can make the necessary adjustments.

Dog Shampoo Qualities

As anyone with long hair knows, sometimes it can be a pain to try to manage, it gets tangled and knotted. These same situations happen with dogs as well, the longer their hair the harder it is to manage and maintain. Just like with humans, depending on aspects like their diet or the hair products they use, their hair in general can take on different qualities. For example, sometimes your hair can be more oily than usual, or you can be using a product that prevents it from tangling. These same qualities for shampoos and products can be used for dogs’ shampoos as well.

Naturally, since dogs have more hair, problems like tangles and matting can be more abundant. Yet, there is one aspect that dogs have that humans don’t. Depending on the season, dogs will shed their undercoat of their fur and long hair Huskies are no exception. This process is referred to as blowing their coat and during heavy shedding  you can run your hand through their fur and basically pullout big clusters of hair. However, by having a groomer come once a month to consistently manage their fur, the major shedding times becomes less abundant and actually I barely notice their shedding at all.

Healthy Coats equal Happy Dogs

With almost any dog’s coat, the healthier their fur the less likely mud, dirt, or anything else they come in contact will stick to it. The residue they do pick up, is less likely to penetrate to their skin. Elements like mud or dirt will just dry up and fall off from their fur. So the best part about keeping their coats healthy, is that I know we can go play in the dirt and just have a good time without having to worry about anything they come in contact with creating hygiene problems and other issues.

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