Website Work Day

Today is a computer day, and I’m working on a couple of websites as the dogs are resting comfortably at home. Website, is based mainly on our adventures with the AirWoof One (drone). On this website you’re able to view the trail from what it looks like in the skies. It’s always interesting to get a full view of everything that’s going on from the air because you’re able to see all the aspects of the trail that you miss out on with a regular camera view.

These videos are also shot with an extremely high resolution of 4K. This is a relatively new technology that’s used by some video playing websites like YouTube, but not all desktop computers or laptops are able to take full advantage of it unless you have a 4K screen. With these 4K super high definition screens you can see many aspects of the trail and what’s going on with extreme clarity. If you don’t have a device that’s able to handle this higher resolution, most players like YouTube, are smart enough to know that and they’ll show you the video for your screen’s resolution.

Another really neat part of 4K, is that it gives you the ability to zoom in and out of the video. If you wanted to get a really close look at something in particular, with the proper software you you can zoom in and get a much more detailed view with less pixillation. Website

My other website that I’m working on today, is called This website shows you how the dogs interact with different vehicles. One of my many Dog related activities is to mingle with others who have COOL vehicles such as older classic cars! We than take pictures and have FUN letting the Dogs mingle with these vehicles including sometimes getting inside and maybe even going for a ride!  We’ve caught up with some pretty awesome rides including a classic Corvette and old Ford Roadster Hot Rod.

Another aspect of this website  is the different vehicles that I have personally, and use to transport the dogs to and from all of our adventures. They include a custom-built Ford Excursion that has six doors instead of four doors. This Excursion provides the extra room that we need to transport ourselves and the dogs comfortably. It is a BEAST!

For the times that we don’t need to transport a lot of gear and equipment and we’re just going on a local adventures, I have an economy vehicle I use that we call the Dog Bus. The Dog Bus is a van which is relatively low to the ground and easy to drive with the bonus of being fuel-efficient.

This website also gives many tips on different ways that you can travel with your dog. Including travel with dogs in cars and trucks, and even on motorcycles and other vehicles. It’s so great how there are available dog motorcycle seats, dog goggles, and other super specialized dog riding gear.

So come check out all this interesting information I have for you on the HowDogsRide Website.

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