WooFDriver OnTour in West Virginia – Getting Rid of Skunk Odors

Generally, during our adventures we like to go to a specific area and stick with it for a while, usually 1 to 2 months, or until we feel like we’ve explored everything that state/area has to offer. We try to make sure that we don’t miss any other really awesome traits of the state even going so far as to checkout areas that maybe dogs aren’t welcome but we can still get a glimpse of. The nice thing about being on the East Coast is that the states are kind of small so we can cover a lot of ground, in relatively a short time but still make sure to experience everything we possibly can.

Where We Have Gone

This is given me the opportunity to explore states like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York. When were really feeling ambitious we can go as far as North Carolina, the New England states, or even Ohio. The farther we get away from our home base the more opportunity we have to explore all of the states, and find trails that we’ve never been on before.

Since we have been doing this for so many years, at times if we stay in one area we start to recognize the scenery and by going to different states we get more of a variety. It also give us an opportunity to explore areas that have different characteristics than the ones that were used to. Plus, it it’s nice to be able to explore trails with diverse personalities.

I feel that this is also a good way I can inspire others, that’s why like to use the WooFDriver inspired website to show everyone all the inspiring places that I’ve been to over the years. Not only do I get to show people all the beautiful scenery, I can also show all the different wildlife and horticulture that we come across.


We’ve discovered, that each area we go to there seems to be a particular type of wildlife that is more frequently spotted. For example, recently we came across the porcupine which was really neat (from a safe distance), because I have before this never actually have seen a porcupine in real life this was a real treat. A lot of times when we do this trail in the evening in Lehigh Valley, we seem to get a glimpse of one. There is also a place in Shenandoah Virginia that every time we go free ranging, skunks seem to be present.

As everybody knows, skunks are not the most appealing animal, and unfortunately the dogs have found that out as well. But this has allowed me to become quite an expert on how to get rid of skunk smell from dog’s fur.

Getting Rid of Skunk Odors

If you ask a veterinarian, many of them have their own store-bought solution that seems to work well. However, the best solution that I’ve found on the Internet, comes from a peroxide based formula that includes baking soda and other common household items. My groomer agrees is the best that she is ever used.

Another interesting common household items that seems to work wonders, is freshly ground coffee. If you put that out in a tray or a freshly open container, it just about completely neutralizes the airborne smell. Personally, I think the coffee grounds work better than even some hospital-grade odor solutions. Plus, the best benefit is that it doesn’t smell like pine or vanilla or some of the other fragrances that are used in their solutions, it smells like something I personally love coffee!


Other creatures that I am interested in discovering as to which ones are more prevalent to certain areas are fish. Sometimes, I will put a camera underwater and see who is swimming around down there! One time I caught some video footage of a Goby in a very shallow local freshwater stream which seemed a bit out of place to me?

On our next run were heading to a new area in West Virginia and were all really excited to visit this new trail stay tunes….. THE DOGS ARE REALLY READY TO RUN!!!

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