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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

With temperatures finally reaching the 70’s, it’s time to wrap up another great season of WooFDriver on Tour! We really did have a great season this year. Not only did we get to test drive the brand new WooFMobile, we were able to challenge ourselves with some of the deepest snow we’ve ever ridden in the ADVS (All Dog Vehicles)!… Read more →

Snow runner

The SnoRunner

The WooFDriver and the WooFPAK are hitting up the Big Farm today for what could quite possibly be the last time this season to really take advantage of the snow. With this in mind, the WooFDriver is breaking out: The SnoRunner. There’s actually a pretty interesting history behind this vehicle. You might have caught on by now that building, buying,… Read more →

C&O Canal

Saturday Night Recap: Training that Works and an App that will soon too (with you’re help!)

Welcome to Saturday Night Recap, where we recap the important things that happened this week! It’s like Saturday Night Live, but our cast is cuter:) This was a big week for us — in an effort to reach out a little bit more to you, our audience/extended WooFPAK, we’ve started themed days to really show you every side of the… Read more →

Pack of huskies roaming through the snow

Waiting for Spring

The WooFDriver is on the go again, taking the WooFPAK to either The Big Farm or The Mill today, weather depending/deciding. It’s been pretty warm here recently, which means the snow is starting to turn into slush and becoming heavier therefore making it harder for the ATV to plow through (no pun intended)!! The ice melting will also make The… Read more →