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WooFDriver OnTour in West Virginia – Getting Rid of Skunk Odors

Generally, during our adventures we like to go to a specific area and stick with it for a while, usually 1 to 2 months, or until we feel like we’ve explored everything that state/area has to offer. We try to make sure that we don’t miss any other really awesome traits of the state even going so far as to… Read more →

Reaching Out to Other Dog Lovers

WooFDriver is a Dog Lover period! I am always working on other ways of connecting with other dog lovers, especially other breeds which are very close to my heart such as the Shiba Inu and the Chinese Crested.  I’m doing this by creating Facebook page’s and informative & fun websites! The Shiba Inu page is already up and running but I will be creating one… Read more →