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Website Work Day

Today is a computer day, and I’m working on a couple of websites as the dogs are resting comfortably at home. Website, is based mainly on our adventures with the AirWoof One (drone). On this website you’re able to view the trail from what it looks like in the skies. It’s always interesting to get a full view… Read more →

Technology and WoofDriver – AirWOOF One, RUFFHour, 360 Panning Camera, IR Camera

I am always looking for ways to document and bring everybody the excitement and the experiences that we’re having with the dogs and the team in almost any way possible so I’m forever trying to expand the possibilities of the view. Because I know that at times a first person view from a photo or video can get monotonous, such as just watching a view as the dogs… Read more →

Canine Adventure Gear Guide – Part 2

  Let’s continue our Canine Adventure Gear Guide! Moving on to another canine adventure activity that’s extremely popular, let’s take a look at dog sledding and kicksledding. Imagine a winter wonderland – the clear blue sky ahead, your dogs trotting softly ahead of you, and all you can hear is the runners gliding through the snow underneath you and your… Read more →

Woofmobile, four wheeling

Enter the WooFMobile

So you might be wondering, after yesterday’s live feed from the C&O Canal run and blog post, what exactly the new WooFMobile is. After 15 months, from concept to finished product, the WooFMobile finally made its debut as we tested it out on an 11.5 mile stretch of the C&O Canal bike trail. The WoofDriver conceived this new ADV (All Dog… Read more →