Category: I LOVE The WooFPAK (Special PICS)

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WOOF-fx is part of the WooFPAK Heroes series. It puts the WooFPAK in extraordinary scenes full of extraordinary means! From high a top buildings to floating over water you will see some incredible dreams brought to life with captivating sights! These are true works of art crafted from the very start by taking the picture on our Adventures, to mending 2 worlds into one in a fashion so incredibly done illustrating nothing but pure love! This is another way WooFDriver expresses his passion everyday full of adventuring ways. He and the WooFPAK constantly bask in the Sun’s rays or in the light of the night through the all the moons phase these WooFfx provide a gaze into a reality seeded with fantasy that has evolved into part of the WOOFPAK’S lifestyle they enjoy everyday!

As the WooFPAK Adventures almost daily I am able to add a new WOOF-fx Photo almost daily as well! Some of these incredible Works of Art will be available on posters, prints, and shirts. There will be a link when a certain image is available. Additionally I have written a small rhyme to describe each scene!