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Alaskan Iditarod – the Last Great Race

  It’s the first Saturday of a new Anchorage March; countless mushers patiently wait through the 40 degree calm to test their skill and commitment. It’s a warm day today, though knowledge of dangerous temperatures and frigid wind soon to come weighs heavily on those experienced in such matters.   This line is merely ceremonial; the actual race won’t begin… Read more →

Socializing Your Dog and Why it’s Important

  Above all, socializing your dog could possibly be the absolutely most important thing you ever train! Raising a dog who’s comfortable around other animals, people, and children- especially children- is of paramount importance.   I hear about it all the time- isolated dogs who’s owners have never let step off their property, dogs who’ve never encountered others of their species… Read more →

What is a Canine Dew Claw; a Veterinarian Survey

  A dew claw is that vestigial ‘finger’ that grows above a dog’s paw. They may not contain bone, but aren’t simply loose skin, however. Beneath the fur, five tendons attach to muscle.   What are Dew Claws for? In most biological species, tendons are meant to attach muscle to bone; when the muscle contracts, it pulls on the bone and creates… Read more →

Resource Guarding – What Can You Do?

  Before getting into any methods of curing this behavior, let’s try to understand the behavior. Why are dogs sometimes aggressive around food, or even toys? Once you fully comprehend why this might happen, it will be all but impossible to not sympathize with your hungry pet!   The Purpose Behind Resource Guarding Tracking, chasing, and taking down prey animals… Read more →