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From Wolves to Dogs: Where They Came From

  From Wolves to Dogs So, how exactly did your little toy Chihuahua descend from the mighty Grey wolf? For that matter, when did this happen? Long story short, drastic evolutionary changes are believed to have begun sometime around 14,000 years ago (gradually). Unfortunately, current science isn’t able to determine the exact date; we simply lack the tools. For fossilization… Read more →

Step Right Up! Learning How Canine Paw Structure Affects Locomotion

The word athlete often brings a host of different images to mind – perhaps you think of a marathon runner battling the pack, or a high jumper stretching muscles and tendons to soar just another inch higher. Few people realize that in terms of evolution and conformation, dogs are unique athletes, with an anatomical structure that allows them to move… Read more →

Canine Locomotion – Your Dog’s Movement Explained

Have you ever watched closely as your dog streaks after a ball, or brightly trots over to greet someone new? The grace and strength that characterize a dog’s locomotion are beautiful to watch, and if you observe carefully when your dog is exercising, playing, or just snooping around, you’ll likely be able to spot the different types of body movement… Read more →

My Dog Ate What?

Cat poop, dead things, garbage, and dirty underwear; were these things on your dog’s menu today? Have you ever wondered why your dog eats the weird things he does? Your dog’s sense of taste is nowhere near as developed as yours, which may explain why he eats things that would make most people gag!   How does your dog’s sense… Read more →

Dogs and Other Species (Do they get along?)

Watching the interaction of dogs and other species is both interesting and educational. Uncertain about the outcome, dog owners generally wonder…will they be aggressive, fearful, confused, have a peaked interest or will they be remotely fazed? Considering the many characteristics of different breeds, it’s interesting to think about a dog’s response to a “foreign” species and if it varies or… Read more →

Your Dog’s Eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul. We’ve all heard that saying. What do you see when you look into your dog’s eyes? A cute, cuddly little fluff ball, or a dangerous nighttime predator? Dog eyes and human eyes are similar in many ways, but there are some distinct differences. These did not happen overnight. Dogs have descended from… Read more →

The Fastest Speeds Found in Humans and Animals

The fastest speeds recorded for both humans and animals are both intriguing and fascinating, placing people in awe when witnessed. While humans typically use this speed for entertainment, such as sports, animals depend on their speed for food and safety. In either case, the faster one can run, the more they gain and benefit. ANIMALS Learning about the fastest speeds… Read more →