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Pack of huskies roaming through the snow

Waiting for Spring

The WooFDriver is on the go again, taking the WooFPAK to either The Big Farm or The Mill today, weather depending/deciding. It’s been pretty warm here recently, which means the snow is starting to turn into slush and becoming heavier therefore making it harder for the ATV to plow through (no pun intended)!! The ice melting will also make The… Read more →

Princess, perfume for dogs

Happy Spa Day!

Despite the best efforts of the winter ice storm we experienced yesterday, the groomer still managed to make it out to tend to the coat needs of the WooFPAK. Yes, that’s right, it’s Spa Day for the WoofPAK! Once a month the groomer comes out to perform some necessary maintenance on their coats and paws, and in the winter months… Read more →