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Don’t Just Sit There! Have an Exciting Adventure (With Your Dog!)

Are you looking for something totally different to do with your best doggie pal? Our canine companions love variety, and sometimes it seems that the best memories are shaped from our most exciting life adventures. There are many dog owners that trek with their packs ‘outside the box’ – and better yet, modern technology allows them chronicle their adventures online, inspiring others to engage with their dogs through their shared experiences and interests. Let’s meet a few canine-human adventure teams out there, and check out the exhilarating activities that they do together!

Dog Hiking – A fun filled adventure

Hаvе уоu еvеr tаkеn уоur dog оn а camping trip? Hаvе уоu еvеr spent а lazy afternoon floating dоwn thе river wіth Fido bу уоur side? Hоw аbоut аn overnight hiking аnd camping trip? I hаvе thrее dogs thаt ѕееm tо knоw long bеfоrе wе еvеn start bringing thе camping bags оut thаt wе аrе gоіng somewhere. Thеу pace аnd… Read more →

Canine Adventures – The Extreme Edition

Adventure enthusiasts are known for pushing the limits in whatever sport they choose to do, and one in a while, the most thrill-seeking dog owners choose to bring their canine companions along for the ride, no matter how off-the-wall their interests may be. The practice of including our four-legged friends in high-risk pursuits like BASE jumping, surfing and hang gliding… Read more →

Up and Coming in the World of Canine Adventure

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the world of dog adventure sports, another enthusiast steps outside the box to discover new, fun ways to challenge themselves and their canine companions. Every person and every dog deserves a chance to be fit and healthy, and while some dog owners aren’t keen on changing things up, maybe now would… Read more →

Five Great Adventure Dog Breeds (and Places to Take Them!)

Get Out There! To find the right companion for your adventures, it helps to know a little about the different canine personalities and capabilities, generally. The good news is that there are many exceptional dog breeds with amazing endurance, agility and personalities. Here are five great breeds for adventure seekers! 1) Alaskan Malamute Malamutes are the perfect adventuring companions for… Read more →

Geocaching & Dog Paddling

Geocaching Have you ever been on a treasure hunt? Checking the clues, searching for the right coordinates, and then experiencing that rush of excitement when you’ve found the prize – nothing beats the thrill of the chase! Geocaching is an increasingly popular kind of outdoor hide-and-seek that can be done almost anywhere- in the concrete jungle or in farm country,… Read more →