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WildLife Encounters

On my adventures I do run into Wildlife. This can be exciting as long as you are cautious and prepared as possible. Mushers on sleds have to be especially concerned about running into Moose, they can stomp on the sled dogs. My part of the USA there are not any extremely dangerous predators.I have run into snakes, turtles (including a… Read more →

Beautiful Rain

Rainy Days And FurWheeling

Don’t let Rainy Days get you down anymore!! I actually enjoy a ride on the FurWheeling Rigs in the rain!! If dressed appropriately and conditions are safe, I really think it can be adventurous!! I have learned to appreciate this because the WooFPAK likes to, and sometimes needs to, explore their WILDS even when it’s a bit challenging out there. I almost always… Read more →



This is a Crane!! We see them along most of the water areas in our travels. They are patrolling the waters for fish which I think is the main part of their diet. These Cranes have beautiful eyes which give them an exotic look. This picture was taken October 17, 2012 on A WooFDriver Tour on The C&O Canal Tow… Read more →

Dog and Butterfly

Dog & Butterfly – July 2012 This is a Cool Nature Experience!! On one of our Free Ranging Runs the dogs and I caught a glimpse of a school of Butterflies!! I have found that they actually frequently  congregate in this one particular area on our runs. We are cognoscente not to disturb them the best we can.  I was… Read more →