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This section contains posts usually from my featured authors. These posts are all about how Dogs can better our perceptions and way of life in so many ways!! You will find so much meaning here along with laughter, knowledge, and inspiration!

Do Dogs Meditate?

One of the funniest movie series is the Buddies from Disney, starting with Air Buddies and through numerous adventures the Buddies have warmed their way into the hearts of young and old alike. Each Golden Retriever Puppy has its own character and one that is a character we can all perhaps relate to is Buddha Buddy. Buddha Buddy is the… Read more →

Do Dogs Like Music?

Have you ever wondered, while you tap your feet and sing along, out of key and not quite remembering the lyrics to your favourite song, if your dog actually likes the same music as you? Does your dog actually like music at all or does he just put up with it as part of the unconditional love that is wired… Read more →

Do Dogs Pray?

On any given Sunday millions of people around the world go to church and pray. In fact people of all faiths and creeds pray each and every day and thus it would therefore be no surprise that dogs pray too. Master and Pack Dogs in their world today are very close to their master and in their wild packs they… Read more →