Category: The Art Of A Dog

This section contains posts usually from my featured authors. These posts are all about how Dogs can better our perceptions and way of life in so many ways!! You will find so much meaning here along with laughter, knowledge, and inspiration!

The Name Of A Dog

I had an awesome Jack Russell some years ago. He was a mix of colours and a real handful , I called him Picasso. Picasso suited him as his colouring was very much like a Picasso painting with nothing really where it should be and his energy levels ensured he was all over the place. It was an unusual name… Read more →

Dog Smiles

It’s the time I told the truth. I say it often but so few believe me when I say that your Dog can Smile. On numerous occasions in “the art of a dog” I have referred to a dog smiling and I would not say it if it were not true. Because They Love You Your dog smiles not only… Read more →

Christmas and Dogs

When your Dog wakes you earlier than the kids on Christmas morning then you are truly blessed. Dogs are part of life for so many families and at Christmas especially they are more so. Before getting into the Christmas of dogs, it’s time to take not of giving puppies as a gift. A puppy as a gift is not a… Read more →