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Alaskan Malamute History

When Eskimo tribes migrated east from the cold, barren lands of Siberia at least four thousand years ago, dogs were both essential to their way of life, and their most prized possessions. Without them, hauling supplies would have proved all but impossible. Origin of the Alaskan Malamute   There are twenty native Alaskan languages, four are Eskimo. However, none were written… Read more →

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

With temperatures finally reaching the 70’s, it’s time to wrap up another great season of WooFDriver on Tour! We really did have a great season this year. Not only did we get to test drive the brand new WooFMobile, we were able to challenge ourselves with some of the deepest snow we’ve ever ridden in the ADVS (All Dog Vehicles)!… Read more →

C&O Canal

Saturday Night Recap: Training that Works and an App that will soon too (with you’re help!)

Welcome to Saturday Night Recap, where we recap the important things that happened this week! It’s like Saturday Night Live, but our cast is cuter:) This was a big week for us — in an effort to reach out a little bit more to you, our audience/extended WooFPAK, we’ve started themed days to really show you every side of the… Read more →

Chase Jag Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a little WooFPAK ‘Bro’mance for you

Sometimes there’s no better joy on Valentine’s day than acknowledging the platonic love you have for your best ‘bro’ and ‘gal’ friends. These are the people who know you better than you sometimes know yourself, and with whom you have shared and triumphed over some of life’s greatest challenges. Of course, for the perfect example of a great ‘bro’mance, look… Read more →