About Me and The Dogs

Hello and welcome I am the WooFDriver! A dog lover and adventurer that strives to give to my dogs a lifestyle that is designed around their instinct and breed specific traits. I am Husky/Malamute centric and have become an expert in almost all aspects of these dogs. This page may not be for you if you are not knowledgeable or understandable about these Arctic breed creatures as their desires, instincts, and capacities are very close to their ancestors the Wolf, and the care, training, and most appropriate lifestyle for them may seem a bit extraordinary to a typical dog owner. In fact these breeds, unfortunately, are some of the most abandoned as they can become extremely difficult to manage without the right challenges, training, and energy outlets. However, if you look further into what I am doing you may become intrigued at the lengths I’ve gone and literally roads I have covered to share my life with these special dogs in the most loving way possible. Hopefully, you will be inspired to apply some of my techniques and training with your dog of course tailored to his or her specific needs and capacities. My commitment for the Husky/Malamute has spanned for almost 20 years now and includes lots of custom equipment, expert training, and very creative ways to make our lives as connected and interactive as possible! I forge a bond with each of my Canine family members which will last our lifetimes and fill each of our days with the most incredible joyful memories possible.  Please Click Here For A Link To More About All Of The WooFPAK!!

Travel and The Pit Crew

It all starts with our travel transportation to be able to reach areas to do very specialized activities.  I have specially designed vehicles (trucks, I have 2 exclusively for them) for my dogs comfort and safe travel to be able to access conditions and these areas they thrive in as well as accommodate their physical travel capabilities from puppy to senior. On a typical week we can travel (in our trucks) over 700 miles!! Depending on the activity, I usually travel with a team to assist with equipment, the activity, and of course the dogs to ensure maximum safety. These fine individuals are called the WooFDriver Pit Crew! Please Click Here For A Link To My Transportation Vehicles (please look in the menu under EQUIPMENT – WOOF’S WHEELS to read about each vehicle)  Please Click Here For A Link To The WooFDriver Pit Crew (please look under the ABOUT menu for current and alumni crew members)

I have secured some land leases and special arrangements to give us access to literally over 1000 acres for off leash exercise and explorations to manage their physical and psychological demands! These off leash areas also have ELECTRIC ATVS so I can challenge their speed and navigation abilities to access any area they can which makes almost all areas of these lands from streams to heavy woods, open for us to roam and explore. This activity requires very consistent and specialized training as these breeds especially, can not be trusted off leash because of their intense prey drive and VERY independent nature without the proper training. I am an expert trainer for off leash behaviors and one of the few people I am aware of that will let this breed off leash. I call this activity FREE-Ranging. Please Click Here For A Link To More About My FREE-Ranging Activity (please look in the menu under PLACES to read about each please we FREE-Range).

WoofDriver Carts

True endurance and physical management is probably the most challenging aspect for this breed as they have an insatiable appetite for what seems like endless energy and physical capacities! I, therefore, have designed and have fabricated bikes/dog carts to ride with the dogs on bike trails that also provide them the opportunity to pull to engage their full potential and physical commitment or just run to their heart’s content, without pulling if they so desire. These bikes/dog carts are also outfitted with a motor and pedals to assist the dogs as well as to balance the load with all the dogs capacities as they can vary from dog to dog because of age, physical capabilities, and other factors. I call this activity FurWheeeling or more typically known as Mushing. Please Click Here For A Link To More About My FurWheeling Activity (please look in the menu under EQUIPMENT ADV’S  to read about each of my FurWheeling Bikes)

Lure Course

Finally for their natural hunting instinct I have designed and built my very own Lure Course! This allows the dogs to chase lures that resemble typical prey that they would instinctively hunt. These lures are all artificial plastic ploys. I call this activity The Mazing Chase. Please Click Here For A Link To More About My Mazing Chase Activity

Husky Diet and Grooming

My dogs are fed a frozen raw diet and get regular heart guard, flea and tick prevention, as well as all necessary vaccinations and health check ups.  They also get a complete SPA Day (grooming) monthly to address hair, nail, and other hygiene necessities. This is a full time commitment for me and I simply love what we do and want to share it!

What You Will Find Here

I have been so inspired by my dogs that I have designed and published probably the largest media collection and writings about an individual’s lifestyle with their dogs. This is a multitude of websites to track our journeys and document these extraordinary memories we make almost daily. You will find literally thousands of pictures, endless videos, and a musical journal I have created about many of these experiences, training methods, and my abundance of LOVE for Dogs and Nature. Again I hope to inspire and keep being inspired as hopefully you will feel my passion and relentless pursuit to give my dogs the most incredible life possible and savor together every moment we share.

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