Our Mission

What is the WooFDriver Project?

Woofdriver with WolfsThe WooFDriver project is the culmination of the efforts of the WooFDriver Team and myself to do three things: Bring joy to the lives of my own dogs and my own life; give regular people the tools to engage with their dogs and make owning a dog more of an adventure; and lastly, to help all dogs live a happier and healthier life.



Exercising Siberian huskiesI’ve owned Siberian huskies for about twenty years now, and like most first time husky owners I didn’t know what I was getting into initially. I didn’t realize how much energy these beautiful creatures needed to burn, and I especially couldn’t have predicted how much closer they would bring me to nature, and make me appreciate the world around me. Now, after years of tinkering, running wild, and embracing the life of a full-time husky owner, I want to bring the joy that I’ve found to other husky and dog owners alike.

Greatest Joy, snow dog

  • It is my greatest joy to bring joy to the dogs I love.

    • The WooFDriver project is partially about showing and chronicling the adventures of myself and my Siberian Huskies. A lot of that you’ll find here, in our blog.  Without these faithful companions, I never would have had an excuse or even a reason to explore nature like I do now — visiting historic trails, learning to actually enjoy winter, being enchanted as I watch the seasons change. There’s something magical about watching the water start to flow faster, insects start to come out, and paths change entirely as the snow melts or streams freeze.
    • I want to share with you my appreciation for the bond between humans and dogs, as I record the beautiful way my huskies not only understand the rules and boundaries I set before them, but find peace and enjoyment in those boundaries.


Life Dog Adventure

  • I want to show people how they can make life with their own dog an adventure.

    • First and foremost, I want to show other husky owners that you can give your furry friend the exercise that they need in a way that is fun and engaging for the owner as well! Their are so many tools out there, like the springers we talk about in our blog and main site, that can let you turn something as simple as riding a bike into a safe and effective way of managing your dog’s energy levels.
    • I’m always looking for new ideas for people to engage with their dogs. Whether it’s rollerblading, biking, skiing, running, etc. — you’ll always see me tinkering with something new that makes life with your dog more of an adventure. I’m doing all the research for people that I can; that’s how I found lure coursing, which you can read more about here. Case in point, I researched information about a dog’s instinct to chase, set up a lure course, and found a new way to exercise and entertain my dogs.
    • Owning a dog brings you a sense of wonder and adventure like no other animal can. Personally, my dogs have taught me to appreciate the nuances of winter more, and given me the curiosity to explore. Whether it’s just you or you’re part of a busy family, I’ll show you how you can find time, and so experience the enjoyment of bonding with your dog.


WFAD Logo, walk for a dog

  •  Help all dogs live a happier and healthier life

    • I feel like it is my responsibility and one of the best things I can do with my life to help make the lives of dogs, especially those currently in shelters, better.
    • In 2012 myself and members of my team dreamed up an App that would allow people to bond with their own animals while contributing to making the lives of shelter dogs everywhere better. The result of that dream, years later, is Walk for a Dog, an app that counts the miles you walk with your dog. We then donate money based on the miles you walked to the local shelter of your choice.
    • You can read more about our app in our blog here, and on our “Dog Powered Fundraising” website WoofTrax.