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Use these pages to ask any questions you have for the WooFDriver and our community, especially if you have any questions about owning and raising huskies. Also we will do a lot of focus on DOG Adventuring as this is what the WooFDriver does almost on a daily basis and would love to show others how they can get in on this INCREDIBLE fun! Almost all of the equipment he uses is either custom modified or built for these specific Dog Adventuring Activities. His Adventures are part of his exclusive ‘iDoGeTame” (Instinctual Dog Engagement Training & Motivation Techniques) which he developed to train and live a most fulfilled life especially for Huskies and Northern Breeds BUT is effective and so valuable for almost all breeds. You have never seen anything like this from the time & resources involved to the dedication and LOVE he shares daily! The WooFDriver would like to inspire and direct all who would like to get involved right here on his Forum. As always, check with your veterinarian before trying anything on your own — your furry friend is unique in every way and the information here is provided as advice from either the WooFDriver (who is a husky enthusiast and has worked extensively with them for almost 20 years), and a community of well-meaning Dog owners.

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