Way of the Wolf

WaoWolfsThe Way of the Wolf is a glimpse into the learnings, realizations, and enlightenments that I have experienced with the WooFPAK including some insights through my Martial Arts Training!!

I have been a Martial Artist for almost 30 years now including teaching, competing, and studying! Many Martial Art techniques and even some systems are based upon animal movements and poses. Hence my term Way of the Wolf!!

To learn more about my Martial Arts involvement including an App (smartphone program) I have created please visit my website: www.TaeVerge.com

In this section you will find some of my synopsis on Dog Training through understanding Dogs and their natural Ways. You will see pictures of Wolfs to illustrate some of these methods because Dogs instincts are inherited traits from their Wolf ancestors. Appealing to their instincts and senses  will forge an incredible bond between you and them and respect between all the PACK members and yield desired behaviors. I hope to expand on this training style in future writings. Please tune in to my Blog & Forum on this website for updated and additional writings. Also for More Wolf Ways please visit the WooFDriver Action Website.

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